Monday, February 27, 2006

Wine Review: Coro Mendocino, Blend, Graziano Vineyard, 2002

Coro Mendocino, Blend, Graziano Vineyard, 2002, Mendocino County
What is a Coro? Click on this great story to find out [Link]. We shared a bottle of 2002 Coro from Graziano Winery [Link] with my brother-in-law John Graziano, who is the winemaker at Millbrook Vineyards in New York State [Link]. My rating (See New Scale Link) = 87. Very nice blend, very big, very fruit forward. This really reminds me of a Paso Monster Zin. The Zin really dominates this wine.

Winemakers Notes for 2001 vintage:
For the first time in U.S. history, a collaboration of 8 Mendocino vintners has set blending and aging parameters for wines distinctive to a region (ie. like the appellation controllee wines of Europe). Each winery created its individual blend based on the protocol and a panel of experts reviews it. Each winery personalizes the common label, which will be recognizable as Coro Mendocino, and bottles the wine in a uniform bottle.

This unique blend of old vine Zinfandel and three classic Italian grape varieties, Sangiovese, Barbera & Dolcetto, have come together to create a wine that has great structure and elegance. Aromas of violet, spices, and cedar weave through the vibrant raspberry fruit character, culminating in a harmonious finish laced with vanilla and toasty oak. The wine’s complexity and depth of flavor will continue to evolve with further bottle aging.

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